Benefits of Heartfulness for Healthcare Professionals

Research on the Benefits of Heartfulness for Healthcare Professionals!

In the year 2015, the academic internal medicine department of Wellspan York Hospital, Pennsylvania conducted a study on the impact of Heartfulness meditation program on healthcare providers. 35 healthcare professionals, including resident physicians, faculty physicians and nurses were enrolled in the meditation program. 12 health care professionals who were in the control arm did not participate in meditation. Pre and post surveys were completed to track changes in symptoms of burnout and emotional wellness. Salivary telomere length was also measured pre and post study. The study by Thimmapuram et al. was recently published in the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives. It found that participants experienced:

  • significant decrease in burnout
  • significant increase in joy, calmness, harmony, tolerance, confidence, sleep quality and other positive attributes
  • significant decrease in anger, stress, anxiety, cynicism, fear, irritability and other negative attributes
  • significant increase in telomere length in younger population aged 33 and under.


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